Luxurious products made of argan oil for skin, hair and nails

Morjana is a French professional skin care line, which is based on the magic and natural power of plant ingredients such as Argan Oil, Rose, Jasmine, Grape, Orange, Date Palm, Shea Butter… and many others that we invite you to discover.

Morjana\'s products for face, body and hair work in more than 20 countries around the world. Some formulas are designed for use at home, and some are consolidated in highly effective treatments and can only be used by professionals in SPAs and beauty salons. These professional cabin treatments are called Rituals. Morjana also offers special products for baths and hammams.

Morjana invites you to the wonderful world of a natural youth and wellbeing. Sensual textures and fragrant scents of our products will awaken your senses and open the door to a relaxing and revitalizing experience. Our highly effective formulas will ensure quick and long-lasting visible results. You will fall in love forever with the magic of thousands of colors and scents of Morjana Rituals as well as with unforgettable splendidly designed, handcrafted packaging.

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