Luxurious products made of argan oil for skin, hair and nails

The source of inspiration:
France – Morocco – Argan Tree

In Oriental culture Morjana stands for a small fragment of ocher coral famous for its protective and magical properties. It is an heirloom handed down from mother to daughter as a lucky charm…

Morocco is a country of a thousand colors and scents, pristine nature and incredible biodiversity. It is a homeland of the Argan Tree forest – the only source of Argan Oil that has been used for thousand years as a natural and powerful Youth Keeper.

France is the country of birth of Morjana. All our products are developed and manufactured in France in a very special place – at Pen Lan peninsula. This place is one of the modern Wonders of the World – a unique ecological park famous for its pure nature.

100% Organic Argan Oil is at the heart of all our products. It comes directly from the sacred Argan Tree and contains nothing artificial.
No chemicals. No Preservatives. No Parabens.
Only 100% organic healing nutrients.

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