Luxurious products made of argan oil for skin, hair and nails


Radiance Elixir

Offer your skin a real concentrate of radiance. This Elixir holds highly performing ingredients (Dermawhite, precious Argan oil), working together to reduce pigmentation, prevent melanin formation and restore the elasticity of the skin .Your complexion is even and radiant, age spots are visibly reduced. You recover a new skin, softer and brighter. Apply every evening, avoiding eye contour.

Argan Elixir

A subtle blend of two precious and noble oils, Morocco’s Rose essence and Argan oil: Rose essence, for its excellent regenerating and toning properties, and Argan oil, for its exceptional concentration in essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, bring their restructuring and protective virtues. The perfect synergy to make this treatment your ally to restore radiance, softness and firm skin with an even complexion.

Sumptuous Elixir

This beauty elixir is a true fountain of youth. In the heart of this exceptional care, Morjana included Argan Stem Cells, an innovative active ingredient able to revitalize our cells and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin, plump up and provide immediate tensor effect. Wrinkles are smoothed, skin is firmed and toned up.

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