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Natural and Irresistible Body Scrub

For Pure, Soft and Velvety Skin

  • All skin types.
    Especially dry and dehydrated skins.
    Can be used locally for hands,
    feet, heels, knees, elbows.

    200 ml – 6.8 fl.oz
    Handcrafted Ornament
    Authentically Designed Jar
    Excellent Gift and Good Value for Money

    Honey-Almond Delicious Scrub
  • Honey-Almond Delicious Scrub
  • Honey-Almond Delicious Scrub
Key Ingredients:
  • Shea Butter: nourishes, hydrates, softens and protects
  • Brown Sugar: exfoliant
  • Orange and Almond Powders: exfoliant
  • Henna Extract: revitalizes and protects
  • Grape Seed Oil: hydrates, nourishes, protects
Natural and delightful, this wonderful scrub is enriched with precious nourishing and scrubbing ingredients. Brown Sugar combined with Orange and Almond powders smooth and even skin grain, whereas Shea Butter intensely nourishes and softens the skin. Henna extract thanks to its vitalizing, antiseptic and protecting properties prevents skin’s dehydration. Thanks to its dense and mellow texture and its delicate and voluptuous perfume, this luxurious scrubbing marmalade offers you a unique and delightful moment. Soft and silky, subtly perfumed, your skin has never been so beautiful. 
How to use:  
Work the scrub in circular movements on a wet or dry skin. Rinse off with clean water and dry carefully. If you have a sensitive skin, work the scrub in very gentle movements. External use only. 
Irresistible and generous, this wonderful scrub smooths and exfoliates thanks to the natural rugged powders, while Shea Butter nourishes and protects. Soft and velvety, sensually perfumed, your skin has never been so beautiful.
With each application Honey-Almond Delicious Scrub will: 
  • gently exfoliate the skin 
  • intensely nourishes and softens the skin 
  • purify the skin 
  • provide antiseptic effect 
  • oxygenate the skin 
  • rejuvenate your skin 
  • strengthen skin’s elasticity 
  • smooth the skin 
  • vitalize the skin 

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Honey-Almond Delicious Scrub


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