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Rose Oriental Oil – 100% natural formula

Soothing and Nutritive Care

  • All skin types.
    Especially dull skin.

    Perfect for relaxation.
    Fits all types of massage.
    Ecstasy for your senses.

    200 ml – 7 fl.oz
    Handcrafted Ornament
    Authentically Designed Bottle
    Excellent Gift

    Rose Oriental Oil
  • Rose Oriental Oil
  • Rose Oriental Oil
  • Rose Oriental Oil
Key Ingredients:
  • Grape Seed Oil: moisturizes and protects against free radicals
  • Sweet Almond Oil: soothes, hydrates, nourishes
  • Rose Essential Oil: regenerates, soothes

Rose Oriental Oil from Morocco is 100% natural and has been developed to give a refined and precious treatment, befitting of a princess from Arabian nights. Thanks to the regenerating, astringent and soothing qualities of Rose essential oil, this gentle treatment will create a sense of well-being, as well as pervade the senses with its subtle and delicate perfume. Its light and gentle formulation from a base of Sweet Almond Oil and Grape-Seed Oil will leave the skin supple, hydrated and rejuvenated. 

How to use:  
It is recommended for all types of massage especially when hydration and nourishing are needed. Can be used daily. A few drops in your bath (or applied on your skin before the bath) will make it a delight for senses. External use only. 

With each application Rose Oriental Oil will: 

  • Regenerate the skin 
  • Deeply moisturize the skin 
  • Nourish your skin 
  • Soothe the skin 
  • Provide anti-aging effect

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Rose Oriental Oil


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