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Rose Flower Water

Delicate as the early morning dew

  • All skin types.

    200 ml – 7 fl.oz
    Handcrafted Ornament
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    Rose Water
  • Rose Water
  • Rose Water
  • Rose Water
Key Ingredients:
  • Rose Flower Water: regenerates, tones, soothes

Rose is the queen of flowers. It is praised all over the world for its subtle and delicate perfume. Morocco has built its reputation on the rose water it produces in Dades. Rosa Damascena has a fragrance one cannot forget and delivers its amazing benefits to the rose water extracted from it through a distillation process. 

Rose Water is a unique and unforgettable product with many wonderful properties. It hydrates and revitalizes the skin giving it the refreshed look. It helps maintain the skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. Rose Water is a perfect cleanser and astringent, so it easily removes oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores and tightens the pores. On top of all that the fragrance of roses is a powerful mood enhancer. It takes away your tension and makes you feel more relaxed. 

Rose water is the best partner of modern skin types. It provides comfort, decongests and gives a fresh glow to the skin. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose water should be added to your beauty regimen. 

How to use:  

Use as a toner after make-up removal. It will tighten open pores, hydrate and regenerate. Also, you can use it to perfume your hot towels. External use only. 

With each application Rose Water will: 

  • tone and decongest the skin 
  • maintain the skin's pH balance 
  • hydrate the skin 
  • tighten pores 
  • regenerate the epidermis 
  • refresh your skin 
  • gives your skin a natural, healthy glow 

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Rose Water


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